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Nobu Exclusives

Explore our exclusive collection of meticulously crafted beds and sofas, representing the pinnacle of refined luxury and comfort. Each piece is expertly handmade by skilled artisans, showcasing an exquisite fusion of superior materials and timeless design. From bespoke beds offering optimal support to sophisticated sofas providing a luxurious retreat, our range epitomizes unparalleled craftsmanship and elevated living.

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Luxe Unico Accent Chair
Luxe Unico Accent Chair Sale price£1,299.99
Luxe Chaleur
Luxe Chaleur Sale priceFrom £1,899.99
Luxe Belmonte
Luxe Belmonte Sale priceFrom £2,399.99
Luxe Calin Modeler
Luxe Calin Modeler Sale priceFrom £1,099.99
Luxe Bisou
Luxe Bisou Sale priceFrom £1,149.99
Luxe Chau
Luxe Chau Sale priceFrom £1,099.99