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Luxury Marlie 4 Seater

Sale price£2,199.99 Regular price£3,799.99

Luxury Marlie 4 Seater
Luxury Marlie 4 Seater Sale price£2,199.99 Regular price£3,799.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Abigail Davis

The arms on this sofa hit that sweet spot of comfort and support. Makes binge-watching even better.

Caden Miller

The frame on this sofa feels rock-solid. I can tell it's going to handle all the sitting, lounging, and maybe even napping like a champ.

Ella Jones

Shoutout to Nobu Living for offering customization options. Being able to personalize my sofa was a nice touch.

Aiden Gupta

The stitching and finishing on this sofa are top-notch. It's those little details that make me appreciate the craftsmanship.

Jackson Martinez

The size is just right�roomy enough for comfort but not taking up my whole living room. Balance achieved, thanks to Nobu Living.

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